Super Runners Among Us: Mandi Leicht

Posted on April 20, 2016

When B.R. Ryall YMCA member Mandi Leicht accepted a position as a Wellness Center Attendant almost four years ago, she did not anticipate that it would be a turning point both personally and professionally.

Wanting to set a good example of healthy living for her three children and the members she served, Mandi started taking Zumba classes and lost 60 pounds. She also befriended a co-worker who became her training partner and running buddy. With Carl’s support, Mandi prepared for and ran her first 5K—the Race to Ryall hosted by our Y. And she didn’t stop there; she went on to get her certification to teach Zumba and group classes.

Today Mandi is an instructor for Zumba and Tread Training. She also continues to run—completing three miles at least four days a week. “I love the feeling when I’m done,” shares Mandi. “I just feel better being active and running.” She is especially excited to run THE Y RUN 5K because her former co-worker and running buddy Carl will be home from college and by her side every step of the 3.1 miles.