Gaming Room

Level up your game

Our gaming room is designed to create a comfortable, social experience for every type of gamer. We offer popular games and systems that are designed to create hours of fun for individual and team play. Youth are welcome to be who they are, excel at what they love, and develop social, strategic, and problem-solving skills in a safe, moderated, and inclusive environment.

Gaming Room


Our Gaming Room features state-of-the-art TVs, gaming systems, couches, and other amenities for youth to enjoy. With three comfortable gaming stations featuring Nintendo Switch systems that can accommodate 1-4 people, youth will discover hours of entertainment for individual and multiplayer fun.

Featured games consist of:
Mario Kart
Super Smash Bros.




The Gaming Room is currently closed due to the renovation. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Gaming Room Rules and Regulations

At our Y, we are committed to creating an environment in which everyone feels respected, safe, comfortable, and part of this amazing YMCA community. When in our facility or participating in our programs, all individuals are required to adhere to our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

1. Games will be restricted by birthday and in accordance with the ESRB rating system.

2. Game systems are only for gaming purposes. Access to the internet or any other program is prohibited.

3. Players are allowed to bring their own consoles, accessories or games at their own risk. Y Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen personal accessories, consoles or games. All equipment and games must be approved by the Y staff.  

4. Outside food or drink, with the exception of water in sealed containers, is not permitted.

5. Players are not allowed to charge their phones or insert any device into consoles without consent from Y staff. 

6. Gamer integrity: Cheating, inappropriate language and inappropriate behavior is not permitted.

7. Y staff reserves the right to create sign-up lists/time limits on systems or games.

TEAMWORK: Games often involve working together on a team to complete a task, goal or objective. Players must be able to differentiate when to take the lead and when to follow for the overall good of the group.

LEADERSHIP: Teams are successful when there is a leader offering guidance and delegating tasks. Leaders can shift from minute to minute in fast-paced games, and players should be ready to take on the challenge.

ONLINE SAFETY: Games are moderated by an adult at all times in a safe and inclusive environment. All identities will be known of everyone who is playing together, eliminating the “stranger danger” that is often seen in online communities.

INDIVIDUAL GROWTH: Of course, playing on a team develops social skills, working in a group and more, but not every game will be a team cooperative. At times, players will need to rely on their own skills, which helps boost confidence. There is a multitude of opportunities for your child. 

WELCOMING TO ALL: All players can come to the table with the same set of skills and opportunities. Playing behind the screen eliminates bias and any preconceived notions players may have for or against one another. Instead, we promote a positive, inclusive environment where everyone can succeed and is welcome.

This room was made possible through the support and generosity of the Glen Ellyn and Wheaton Noon Rotary Clubs.