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Competitive Swimming

Swim Team

The B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team offers an exciting opportunity for all levels of swimmers to experience competitive swimming. The swim team is a year-round program, with two distinct seasons: fall/winter and spring/summer. The B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team is open to athletes of all skill levels ages 6-18 years. The swim team is one of the top teams in Illinois and competitive on the national level.

Each swimmer will be placed in the practice group best suited for their age, ability and commitment level. The groups are designed to provide instruction from professional coaches in stroke technique, performance training and racing methodology. For more information about the team, practice schedules, fees and to schedule a tryout please visit the B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team website at www.brryall.com.

Registration will open in late February and go through the start of the season in early April.

Developmental Program (Ages 12 years and under)

Learning to Love Swimming

Group Emphasis ― introduction to competitive swimming. Athletes will learn the basics of the 4 strokes and will progress towards swimming them legally, then properly.

Requirements ― 6 years old. Basic understanding of Free and Backstoke, must be able to swim a 25 without stopping.

Group Emphasis ― to begin the transition from learning to training. The focus will remain on fun and technique. Athletes will be learning such things as basic sets, reading the clock and lane etiquette.

Requirements – 8 years old. Consistently legal 100 IM, including turns. 50 Free with bilateral breathing and flip turns.

Age Group Program (Ages 10-15 years)

Learning to Love Training

Group Emphasis ― introduction to training. Focus will be on learning to love the work needed to swim fast at the later stages. Athletes will start to learn advanced concepts such as race strategy, interval training and learning different speeds in practice, all while reiterating proper technique.

Requirements – 10 years old. Consistently legal 100 of each stroke. Maintain 50% attendance for the course of the season.

Group Emphasis ― training. Athletes will be expected to know their goal times and race strategies and replicate it in practice. Athletes will also be expected to know such things as stroke counts, threshold paces and proper intervals.

Requirements ― Fall of 6th grade. Consistently legal 200 of each stroke. Maintain 70% attendance for the course of the season.

Senior Program (Ages 14 years and over)

Learning to Love Performing

Group Emphasis ― high school aged athletes who with to continue improving, but lack the commitment needed to be in the National group. Athletes in this group are not allowed to compete in Y-Nationals or higher unless called up as a Relay swimmer due to lack of option from National.

Requirements – Completed one high school season. Capable of swimming a 50 without stopping.

Group Emphasis ― athletes with an unwavering commitment to high end swimming. Athletes will be introduced to such concepts as cruise pace, anaerobic threshold, resistance training and lactate tolerance. Athletes are also expected to do extra work on their own outside of practice time and maintain the necessary grades to swim at the collegiate level. Training will be focused on YMCA Nationals, USA Swimming Junior Nationals and Olympic Trials.

Requirements ― Season before first high school season. Must maintain an 80% attendance over the course of the season.