Rob Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Coffey
Chief Operating Officer

Ginny Maloney
Chief Financial Officer

Danielle Nachtigall
Senior Director of Healthy Living and Sports

Katie Sivak
Senior Director of Development

Erin White
Senior Director of Youth Development

Jon Addison
Competitive Aquatics Director/Head Coach

Akilah Brown
School Age Programs Manager

Dawn Cronin
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Raquel Despe
Child Care Director

Monica Flores
Member Engagement Manager

Steve Fridley
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Cindy Goss
School Age Programs Director

Shannon Johnson
School Age Programs Director

Lauren Kerr
Sports & Engagement Programming Manager

Natalie Miscinski
Assistant Director of Finance

Karen Pierce
Human Resources Director

Scott Thurston
Aquatics Director

Brian Weil
Facilities Director

Linda Wolfer
Membership Manager