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Swim Lessons

Teaching children how to swim and be safe around water is one of the most important life skills kids can learn. It not only saves lives, it builds confidence. Swimming can also be a lifelong source of fun and exercise.

Our swim lessons are structured to promote incremental and consistent improvement. Each level has been developed for the specific needs of that age group. Class sizes are small to allow the maximum amount of student to swim instructor time—ensuring everyone learns skills appropriate for their abilities in a safe environment.

Parent/Child Swim (6-35 months)

This class, held in our 92 degree small pool, helps your child acclimate to water. Play-based instruction varies based on comfort and skills.
One adult may accompany the child in the water. Children must wear swimsuits with swim diapers.

Youth Swim Lessons

Our program for ages 3-12 has been designed specifically for the needs of each skill level, to create a more focused and effective class experience. Swimmers transition to the next level after mastering the outlined skills.

Classes are held once a week. To register, select a time that works for the age of your child. Swimmers will be evaluated on the first day of class and then placed into the appropriate level based on demonstrated ability and skills.

AGES 3-6
Children ages 3-6 with limited or no swimming experience will be assigned to Level 1 or Level 2 classes to get acclimated to the water and to learn beginning skills. Classes are 30 minutes and are taught in the small pool.

LEVEL 1 SKILLS: gaining comfort in water, going underwater, controlling breathing, practicing safety, floating and kicking

LEVEL 2 SKILLS: mastering unassisted floating, front and back paddling

Levels 3-6 are for swimmers who have mastered floating and paddling, and are prepared to begin or build on stroke development. These classes will help prepare your child to transition to our Swim Academy or the B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team, if desired. Classes are 30 minutes and are taught in the large pool.

LEVEL 3 SKILLS: breast stroke arms, streamline kicks, backstroke, butterfly kicks, introduction to freestyle

LEVEL 4 SKILLS: perfecting strokes with a focus on breast stroke, butterfly and side breathing

LEVEL 5 SKILLS: flip turns, perfecting strokes

LEVEL 6 SKILLS: mastering flip turns, starts and finishes, perfecting strokes at swim team distances

Private Swim Lessons

Are you or your child in need of some one-on-one private lessons? Whether you fear the water, are looking to perfect your strokes or anything in between, a 30 minute one-on-one lesson will focus on individual needs. Call the Y and we can set you up with a teacher. Lessons are by appointment.

SWACA (Swim Academy)

Our Swim Academy builds a strong foundation for youth who are preparing to join our Swim Team or who have progressed beyond the swim lesson program and want to continue in the water.

Swimmers work on technique, strokes, flip turns and starts, while building endurance, under the direction of a swim coach. Swimmers may attend up to four sessions each week.

REQUIREMENTS: Must swim pool length without stopping. An ability assessment is required prior to registration.

To schedule an assessment or for more information, please call our Aquatic Center at 630.547.2007

UNSINKABLE: For children ages 3-12 in the foster care system

Every child should be given the chance to learn how to swim; however, social or economic factors sometimes prevent access for children in foster care. That’s why the B.R. Ryall YMCA partnered with Brigid Coleman and Eric Robben, a local foster family, to create UNSINKABLE—a swim program designed to ensure access so foster kids can thrive by learning water safety and gaining confidence.

The Coleman-Robben family invested in UNSINKABLE to subsidize swim lessons for local foster kids. Thanks to their support, participants pay a discounted rate of just $25 for a five-week lesson session.

To register, select your desired lesson time, then visit the Membership Services Desk with a copy of your 906 Placement Authorization Form.