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B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team

The B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team—a USA Swimming Level III Club and one of the top teams in the state—offers an exciting opportunity for swimmers of all levels to experience competitive swimming under the instruction of top professional coaches.

Our team holds eight Illinois Swimming State Records and seven all-time team YMCA National Championships. Recent former team members include a 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier, more than 40 YMCA National Champions, and more than 20 athletes currently competing in college swimming.

To learn how your swimmer can be a part of our renowned team, visit www.brryall.com.

For questions or to schedule a tryout, contact B.R. Ryall YMCA Swim Team’s Head Coach Jon Addison at jaddison@ryallymca.org.

Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase encourages beginning to intermediate swimmers to experience the fun of the sport. Practice groups are geared toward teaching basic fundamentals, and instilling focus and pride for accomplishments.

DEVELOPMENTAL GROUPS (must be at least age 6)
WHITE: Aimed at new swimmers, this group is focused on learning the basics of the four strokes.

BLUE: For youth who can swim all strokes, Blue Group learns about proper training and finer stroke details. Dryland is introduced with a focus on foundational movement.

Imagination Phase

The Imagination Phase is intended to guide the mind of intermediate to advanced swimmers toward the future. They begin to learn and understand goal setting and the competitive process, helping them advance to the next level.

BRONZE: An introduction to training group, swimmers will learn to push past comfortable physical and mental boundaries, and to use advanced mechanics while training. Dryland is incorporated with recovery and self-awareness.

GOLD: Focused on training and energy system development, athletes will work on fine tuning of mechanics while setting short- and long-term goals. Dryland becomes key in training.

Preparation Phase

The Preparation Phase is about being competitive and reaching the next level. Athletes’ focus is on what’s necessary to achieve goals based on current ability.

SENIOR: Shifting from skill development to competition training, aerobic endurance is stressed with suggestions on what to do outside of practice time.

SENIOR ELITE: This group takes foundational blocks built over time and uses them to start reaching for the top.  Athletes will be expected to attend every practice. Training varies heavily based on time of year, goals and body composition. Strength training becomes key, as does open dialogue about goals and what is going on within the workouts.